Low Scope Degrees you should not take admission in Pakistan

I will advise you that you have to choose your degree program very carefully and avoid these degree programs for taking admissions. Most students ask questions that which program should they join for their future career and similar questions came to mind that comes rarely that in which programs you should not go there?

Low Scope Degrees you should not take admitted in Pakistan | Degree program with decreasing Demand

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Today I will tell you that programs you should not take admitted there because there is something trend in a society like there was a trend of taking admission in management and BBA. Now there is a trend of IT and computers but now people take admission after thinking little about it.

Low Scope Degrees you should not take admitted in Pakistan

Similarly, different things become trends at different times. And there is a disadvantage to this trend. A lot of good and normal students get admission in that programs also. Students who should not take admission there and who should take admission there also go to that field ๐Ÿ˜ƒ.

As a result, saturation occurs in the market and society. The numbers of students become more than available seats for a future career. Where there are only 10 seats but 100 people who apply for it. We called it saturation of market and society.

In this situation, a negative result comes. Sometimes happen an eligible student becomes deprived of it and another student gets that opportunity. It may be a job or selection for any field. In short, we ask it a social loss. A lot of problems occur in that situations.


Similarly, this situation is becoming common in society and there is a need for guidance to take admission in the right field. So let's start,

Degree program with decreasing Demand

These degrees are following which are not good for your future career due to overburden on the market,

Doctor of Physical Therapy

  • In Doctor of Physical Therapy, a lot of people get admission in last few years that hospitals are not much than available vacancies.
  • There are no rehabilitation centers in Pakistan and where these are available will be a lot of burden on it.
  • Similarly, there is a sector of development where these people can work there but there is also not good condition.
  • Our lifestyle is not like the west where a lot of demand in that field.

Now I will ask that student if he should take admitted in that field after thinking a lot about it in the private or public sector. They should have abilities to do that work. Practically they could also enjoy that work. Then those students should go there only otherwise not.


Similarly, another field in psychology which is a very trending field for girls. Those who cannot get admission in MBBS and BDS, Social Sciences, Pre-Engineering then choose the Psychology program, and their friends also give advice for it. 

They do not know why we are doing this field and should we take admitted to it or not etc. They feel good about reading people's conditions, their expressions,s, and ideas. All of these are good but only those should go there who have to work there.

Only that people should go there who always have fresh mood, work in fresh mood and talk in fresh mood also. No other person can do this. A psychological person should have these qualities for success. Only a person with total aptitude should go there.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering is also a field where a lot of people get admission and become electrical engineers. Because Private Sector also offers that field and is also available in the Public Sector and it remain the 1# program of engineering for a long time.  And its results appear that a lot of people come in that field.


Due to this reason, there are not too many jobs in the field with not most usage in the field and people also do not have an aptitude for that field. This is the main reason. As a result of it, vacancy not available in the market. People ask why he did engineering but could not find a job in his career. So you have to take admission after thinking a lot about every field.

Nowadays it is not good to take admitted in electrical engineering. So try to avoid it if you have no interest in it.

Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing is also a scope where you should not take admitted in it if you have no interest in it. There is a lot of need for ideas and expression for it with imagination. Only those people can become successful in it who really want to do it.

There is a need for a computer for designing. But before it, you have a grip in make hand drawings. If you could not make good designs on paper then what you will do on the computer? It is useless to do it. So if you can make good designs and images of real pictures then you can go there.

It is not graphic Designing that takes all parts from the internet and then places them with each other. We can simply ask it to judge in our language ๐Ÿ˜ƒ. If anyone gives a small model and you can make it on paper and computer easily without any difficulty then that person only become successful in it. Here you have to take decisions carefully.

A lot of problems came into your life with no interest in graphic design. As a result, people open their small businesses of making cards and designing on panaflixs and some do freelancing but do not become successful in it due to a lack of abilities. This situation gives them negative points and depresses them. Hence the choice of career should be chosen carefully.


MAthematics is also considered the best field of career. People think that after getting a degree in mathematics there will be a lot of opportunities for a career in the future. You will get a good mathematician job, and a teaching job in institutions.

And if you are not interested in math calculation, teaching, or solving problems and you take admission then it is useless and a waste of time but we can say that he wasted his life for that field whether he is not interested in it and he took admission on the advice of other. 

Accounting and Finance

The condition of accounting and finance is also similar to other fields. There is a lot of need for grip in calculation and counting. A lot of people have degrees in that field but lack knowledge and experience they could not do anything. Some get jobs in that field and some in another field that is not related to it.


There are a lot of disadvantages in the future due to the choice of a bad degree. You should only prefer that one in which you take an interest and want to do some extraordinary. There was some degree that you should not take admitted to Pakistan. Their scope is nod good in the future. Hope this will help you.

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