How to Use Notion as a Student

The Notion is a fantastic app and service for students and professionals. For students and busy people, it will help a lot in their daily life. As a student, you can see your future assignments and classes. You can also manage or divide your whole week with the notion app to work as you wish. For students, it is a little challenging to use the Notion app; I will explain its features and method of how to use Notion as a Student.


Busy people and organizations can use it for their daily and monthly schedules. They can manage and organize their employees' tasks for the whole month or week and assign them similarly. Another best thing about Notion is that it is a free app for students only if you have a student email address. You do not have to pay monthly or yearly, only if you are a student or teacher. In this article, I will guide students on how to use Notion as a student?

How to Use Notion as a Student

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How to Use Notion as a Student

Notion company also has an online platform to manage tasks anytime or anywhere through any device. They have a workspace like a google workspace. So to use Notion online or an app, you must register first.
  • Go to the Notion website.
  • Now sign up to the Notion website / App using the student email (But if you do not have a student email, then you can also sign up with a personal email and limited features).
  • After signup, you can use Notion on a browser or install an app on a mobile phone.
  • Signup and installing an app are straightforward steps.
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After signup on Notion, I will explain how to use Notion as a student with different methods and tips.

Students can Make a template

How to Use Notion as a Student
Students can make templates in notion also

  • Students can use the Notion app or a browser to make their templates according to their needs. 
  • They can change the background color also. 
  • The cover image can be added there. 
  • Students can add headings and subheadings according to their needs and choice. There is no limit to customization there.
  • Tables can also be added there.
  • Many customs and premade templates are free for students to manage their work more efficiently.

Add categories based on subjects and skills

How to Use Notion as a Student
Categorized subjects for a study on the left side of the Notion website

  • Students and teachers can also manage their tasks and subjects by making groups separately.
  • They can add their notes in the Notion app with subcategories features.
  • Under each subject in Notion, students can create lists, notes, and daily and study schedules efficiently.

Can Schedule their syllabus preparation

  • Students can manage their syllabus on Notion based on the remaining days of exams.
  • A separate page can be added there for a specific task to manage it there in detail, i.e., the Home page, Personal page, Academic page, and future planning pages. It is straightforward and easy to operate and links any task at any time to any other job.

Student grade Calculation with Notion

How to Use Notion as a Student
Math equations in Notion

  • The Notion also helps students to calculate their grades in the notion app/website.
  • You just have to make a table in Notion and add your detail there; then, the next step is to implement your formula. It works similarly to an excel file. You just have to make a formula, and it works automatically.
  • Math Equations can also be added in Notion for calculation and remembering purposes.

Youtube video

The above video will help you learn how to use Notion as a student efficiently. Every college and university student should have this.

Add Goals and Habits in Notion as a Student

  • The Notion is beneficial for developing and helping create new Goals and Habits in students. 
You can easily create habits by creating manually or by adding premade templates. It also contains a lot of filters to check your progress and weakness. If you are not good at making good habits, Notion helps students organize their life easily. 

How to Use Notion as a Student
Add habits and goals in notion to remember daily

In college life, we have to deal with many problems and things in life. But we also want to develop habits and goals. We cannot do anything without someone assisting you to do this for your career. In this way, Notion helps a lot of students.

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Share Notes with other class students using Notion

Another best feature of Notion is that you can easily share your notes with your class students. This is straightforward and easy to set up for everyone.

How to Use Notion as a Student
Sharing notes in notion is very easily 
  • Create a separate page in Notion from your personal notes (so you can only share the things you want in your messages).
  • Add required notes in the notion app.
  • Now share these notes by clicking on the top left Share button and add the emails of your class students.
  • This way, you can share your notes easily using Notion as a student.
This is the best method to share notes with others without keeping and searching for specific notes in your laptop and mobile storage. Another best advantage of Notion is that it stores all data online without using portable/laptop storage. You can access your class notes anywhere and from any device (where you logged in only). 


This method is primarily suitable for university students to manage all notes for exam preparations. From my point of view, this is the best method to use Notion as a student.

Save Past Papers and Questions in Notion

With the help of Notion, you can save past paper notes in Notion easily and keep past papers and questions for exam preparation. Now, don't worry about finding paper questions in your room, bag, or somewhere else. This is another best technique for students to use Notion as a student.

Create Strategies for future and daily task

Another cool feature of Notion is that you can also create your strategies in Notion. You can use it for the following purpose also;

Make strategic charts in notion as a student
  • You can plan your weekend by preparing what you have to do on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Students can plan their future goals easily in Notion.
  • You can make a line chart 📉 what you have to do in difficulty and what I will do if that situation occurred. Everything can be planned efficiently in Notion very quickly. This is another efficient way how to use Notion as a student.

Use Notion to track your assignments and books

A notion can also help you remember coming assignments and easily track your studies progress. It will also help you which work you have not submitted yet and when the next task you have to offer before the deadline.
How to Use Notion as a Student
Track assignments and book readings

You can also set book reading progress in Notion. It will tell you which book you read and which is remaining this month or upon your choice.

Store class Schedule in Notion as a Student

Using notion app students can save their class schedule in notion also. They offers many templates to manage class schedule in notion. There are many possibilities in notion for managing your class schedules their. It is better to create a page in notion and add some features of your wish and then use it as you wish. Create tables with date, subjects, time, lectures, teachers, assignments and much more. Here I give you many methods on how to use notion as a student.

Add students/classmates contact list

After spending a lot of time in college life with your classmates and others you forget their names, contact numbers or by some reason your mobile format and all contact list get deleted. Notion can be helpful for you in this problem. You can import all contacts of your classmates in notion to keep them safe and secure 🔐. You can import then phone number, emails, fax number, home address, family name or their important thing like their birthday 🎂. Similarly there are more others possibilities on how to use notion as a student.

Track your monthly budget in notion

How to Use Notion as a Student
Budget can be manage in notion easily

Another important thing for students which is very difficult to manage their expenditure  of monthly. You can keep your monthly and weekly budget in it. There are many possibilities like i.e. 👇👇
  • How much money you can spend for entertainment?
  • For weekly tour or enjoyment
  • Watching movies 🎥 and dramas
  • Internet expenses and mobile packages
  • Budget for daily notes and books
  • Friends gathering and shopping 🛒 
  • And much more..

Manage your class team work in notion

Students can manage their team work like final year project in notion also. This is very simple and easy way to manage final year projects in notion without writing on pages again and again to assign work to other students. You just have to make a template and add work in their column. Just invite your classmates to that specific page by importing their emails and they can get access to that specific page only. This is very simple and smart way to manage everything in just mobile or laptop. This app is very helpful how to use notion as a student for managing team work in notion 👷.

In my opinion 

If you want my opinion for using notion as a student then you should use it in your life for managing your problems and work in notion. It is very helpful for students to manage their assignments, schedules, responsibilities and much more in just mobile. There is no risk of losing your data in notion. It is very safe and secure place. 

I try my best to explain my point of view and features of notion and how students can use notion in their daily life. I hope you would learn much more how to use notion as a student. Rate this article below and give suggestions about this article. Thanks! 😊😉

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