Advantages & Disadvantages of Space Frame Structures

 There are many advantages and disadvantages of space frame structures which are necessary to consider them before constructing a building using steel components? As a civil engineer I have tried to explain all aspects of it.

All components of the structure are marked with their special number and attached to each other in their specified node point. All of these joint numberings are predefined by the designer to avoid any mistakes during assembly.

The Assembly of this structure is looking very interesting. This structure is placed on a column with the help of cranes and tightened it. It also has some advantages and disadvantages which are explained in detail below;

Space frame structure components
Space frame structure components 

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Advantages of space frame structures

  • Space frame structures are light in weight than any other structures and stiff.
  • Components of steel frame structures can be carried easily from one place to another
  • They are light in weight and easy to install due to premade components
  • Their 3D structure is very strong and effective
  • Easiness in column placement based on location
  • It is more stable in both construction and operation
  • Gives us more flexibility in the design of structure appearance
  • Offer more resistance to Earthquakes
  • The structure of the space frame can be expandable easily on requirements
  • Their assembly is more efficient and secure
  • The main advantage of frame space structures is that they can bear a large load of systems with minimum or significantly fewer deflections.
  • The transportation cost of the structure of the space frame is significantly less as compared to steel Structure
  • Offer adjustable cambering facilities
  • Offer spawn at low altitudes
  • There is no need for purlins
  • It can be used easily on structures having irregular shapes and site plans or we can say, this structure fits on any kind of geometrical profile
  • Can be fixed in separate components easily
  • This structure gives us an aesthetic look and resists corrosion
  • It can be used for the building having long spans so there is no need for a mid-column (intermediate supporting column) for geometry stability. Due to this reason more space can be occupied for the movement of vehicles and even for airplane airplanes ✈.
  • Good duration-to-depth ratio
  • Applied load on space frame structures is precisely distributed due to zero eccentric connection in axial loads
  • Good acoustic property
  • It can build fastly but a technical work
  • From the perspective of architectural design, it is a modern revolution in the design of buildings.
  • This structure can be moveable from one place to another by just unbolting components and assembling them in another place
  • The scrape value of the space frame is very high and can be sold out at a good price after using them a lot.
  • This structure is recommended for warehouses.

Disadvantages of space frame structures

  • Premade (prefabricated) components can damage joints due to loose welding, bolting, etc., and cause leakage.
  • Large components require heavy machinery like a very large crane to handle structural components
  • Transportation costs may be higher than volcanic prefabricated sections
  • For properly fitting prefabricated frame structures, precise measurements, and handling is required
  • Elements used are more expensive than volcanic prefabricated sections
  • The main disadvantage of space frame structures is that skilled labor is required to do good-quality work.
  • Production and installation is a little complicated process because the number of rods converging on the nodes is very large
  • There may be a problem with weathering action
  • Another significant disadvantage is that they are used only for extensive facilities like stadiums, industrial plants, theaters, and other prominent types of buildings.

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