Html Table Generator

You can create a beautiful and customized table for your articles that is flexible and easy to use. You can change the color text color, background color, header color, and also the number of rows. The best thing about this code is that you can enter your data at the same time by clicking on the table.

I have customized this Html table Generator in such a way that it is compatible with the customized version table of Fletro Pro, Median UI, and all other themes. You can check it simply by putting HTML code in your blog.

How to make an HTML table?
  • Select Number of Rows & Column
  • Customize your table color and borders
  • Click on generate button
  • Then click on the copy button to copy the whole step and paste it where you want


Rows:   Columns:

( Custom ) TURN ON to use below feature & customize your table otherwise use default 👇👇
Table width:
Table height:
Header background-color:
Body background-color:
border-width: px
border-spacing: px
padding: px
caption align:
colour effects


Click on table to enter table data 👇

Table 1
Header 1 Header 2 Header 3 Header 4
row row row row
row row row row
row row row row
row row row row


Hope you like this beautiful HTML table generator and will appreciate me for this helpful Html table generator tool. Thanks for visiting.

I am not the owner of this code. I get it from the blog and customized it for my personal use. If you want to use this customized and improved Html table generator tool in your blog then give a link to my blog. Thanks!

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