Sherwin Williams Emerald Paint Problems [Updated 2024]

Sherwin Williams paints is considered a professional paint among painters. It is a premium exterior and interior paint that combines modern technology tools and quality performance. A lot of reasons why you should be interested in Sherwin Williams Emerald Paint. It was introduced into the market in 2012 and became popular with its quality of ingredients, quality of colour and low VOCs.

However, there are many complaints that painters have made against the company paint. They said paint is not perfect nowadays. In this article, I will discuss this matter.

Problems with Sherwin Williams Emerald Paint

Many issues have been faced by many users and have given their experiences which are given below;

  • The Coverage You Get Isn’t The One That’s Advertised
  • It’s Very Easy To Get Roller Marks With Emerald Paint
  • It Releases A Strong Odor
  • Emerald Paint Will Peel If Exposed To Harsh Weather
  • Emerald Paint Blisters When Applied To Humid Surfaces
  • It Will Fade Eventually
  • It Is Pricey
  • It Runs Easily
  • It’s Not Compatible With Other Paints

A family who had faced Sherwin Williams Emerald Paint Problem

Here a woman telling his story about the problems she faced with Sherwin Williams Emerald Paint

Before Christmas about 2 months ago, her husband and she decided to renovate their house. After she had bought their own house, they painted every room the same colour with an average paint name as Behr paint which they could easily afford. They did it and painted their house very quickly. But after painting, the house was looking with old fashioned colour look seem like 70's.

At that time, everyone was preferring us to use Sherwin Williams Emerald Paint, she said. With my husband, she went to the nearest store and asked the manager to buy Sherwin-Williams paint. It was more expensive than others but based on good reviews and recommendations we bore this amount for good results.

But, according to them, it was not worth it as seen in the shared picture.

Sherwin Williams Emerald Paint Problems [Updated 2024]
the appearance of Sherwin Williams Emerald Paint problem

The bubbles that were showing on their wall made the house appearance awkward. But it was somehow acceptable but what was happening next there...

Sherwin Williams Emerald Paint Problems
All the work she had done paid them nothing. The worst thing that happened was, the paint bubbled and then peeled off the walls. She returned back to the store manager and told him the case but he was telling her it was not the paint issue but rather their wall.

Thankfully the store was willing to work with us. We told them the paint we wanted to use and then refunded the difference back to us since the paint we wanted to use to fix the walls was A LOT cheaper. This just goes to show that just because something is more expensive and labeled “the best”, it doesn’t mean it is the best. alertSuccess

Forum discussion on Sherwin Williams Emerald Paint Problems

Reddit famous forum is also discussing a Sherwin Williams Emerald Paint Problem which was faced by one user. You can get details below;

One person discussion his problem
I have been doing a lot of painting lately. In each room I have been using different brands of their premium flat paint, kind of doing my own comparison testing. Sherwin Williams has a 30% off sale going on now, so I treated myself to a gallon of Emerald. I have read and watched only great things about it, how rich and thick and the great coverage, so I was really looking forward to it. I am pretty disappointed. It seems runny and I keep having to back track and brush out drips and sags! None of the reviews or YouTube videos mentioned how bad it is. The coverage isn't that great either. I am painting SW Honeydew over the previous owners SW On The Rocks. I could easily see the pale gray On The Rocks peaking through the Emerald. In fact, I did one wall and decided I had better prime the rest of the walls if I want to get away with using only one gallon. Has anyone else been disappointed? BTW: My two favorite paints so far are BM Regal Select and Behr Dynasty.
Not impressed with SW Emerald
byu/Secret_Choice7764 inpaint

In the reply to the above issue, one user replied that he had faced a similar problem.

I have used emerald on a few occasions (before the material shortage) and I’m not impressed either. My go-to for coverage is Benjamin Moore Aura, although its performance isn’t what it was 10 years ago. It has some qualities that make it trickier to apply than some paints but once you get the hang of it (and with the right applicators, like a Wooster Alpha brush and microfiber roller) the coverage is hard to beat. Honeydew will challenge any paint, so it’s a good colour to test coverage on. {alertInfo}

This answer was given about 2 years ago on the Reddit discussion platform.

byu/Secret_Choice7764 from discussion

The latest problem that one user had discussed was that,

I just painted my whole house (new drywall) with Emerald in satin finish and I am not impressed. I have a child and got it because I figured it would look nice and be easily cleanable. It is not easily cleaned. Ive even had to use a Mr. Clean eraser on just dirt which is not good for any kind of paint. Even small things like handprints that should wipe right off. I can see myself having to get it painted again. Its not worth the 70 dollars per gallon.  {alertInfo}
byu/Secret_Choice7764 from discussion

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