Safelink Generator

Want to make your links protected so that no one can use them without your permission? Then I have solved this problem. Safelink is the best method to make your link protected with the base64 method. This does not make your link short but protect your link that user will visit your blog at least one time for a link.

How to use Safelink?

  • First of all, you will need your original URL which you want to protect. Like your URL is
  • Enter in below " Generate Safelink Url " input and click on the creat Safelink button.
  • You will get a link in below input dialog box link like this 👉 this  
  • Copy link by clicking the copy button.
  • Now you can use it in any article and use will first go to your blog then the link will be converted to the original link and finally he will go to that page where he wants.

Generate Safelink Url 👇

Hope you like this tool and will give me a good response with appreciation in the comments. Thanks for visiting.

Note: I am not the owner of this code. I get it from the internet but I customized it for effective use of the base64 method. If you want to use this customized code of safe link generator then give a link to my blog and use it for your blog. Thanks!


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