PMA initial test | How to pass PMA long course & some tricks

Assalam Alaikum! My name is Haseeb. Today in this article I will tell you that how you can pass the initial test of the PMA (Pakistan Military Academy) long course for selection of Officer on just the first try. First of all, you know that when you apply for PMA then how many processes do you have to pass to select for PMA (Pakistan Military Academy).

PMA (Pakistan Military Academy) initial test  How to pass PMA long course  Some tricks to select in 1st attempt
PMA (Pakistan Military Academy) initial test  How to pass PMA long course  Some tricks to select in 1st attempt

Steps to Pass PMA long course

First of all, an initial test you have to pass then after that medical test is taken then a physical test. Sometimes the physical test is taken first then a medical test.

Initial Test >> Medical Test >> Physical Test

After passing these tests, you have to give an interview and after that, you have to fill a form. If you succeed in this test then a letter received at your home of ISSB. Then you have to go to ISSB where you have to live for 4 days. 


If you get recommended from there then a merit list is prepared. If you become eligible to that merit list then you will be selected as an officer.

If you are selected as an officer then you have to send for 2 years for PMA. Where you go as the second lieutenant. Then, friends, I will tell you how you can pass the initial test of the PMA long course in just the first try without any difficulty.

Method for apply in PMA Long Course

When you apply for PMA then you should try to (when vacancies of PMA 149 come for example vacancies for PMA long course start from 5 March to 5 April) apply for PMA on the last dates like the end of March.

The advantage of this is that your test comes in the last than others. And you can get experience from that students. For Example, if 10000 people have applied for PMA long course then their test come first in different cities of Pakistan and you can get the experience of their also. 

The test can happen in Rawalpindi, Karachi, Quetta, Lahore, and some other centers of Pakistan.

PMA Long course 152 helping material for initial test preparation

  • These people share their experiences on Facebook and WhatsApp groups. 
  • First of all, if you are applying for a PMA long course then you have to join a group which is the largest group of Pakistan army test. 
  • And people join that group to get knowledge and share their experience.
  • The advantage of this is that people who get knowledge from their also share their learning material with this group so that other people can also get the maximum benefit from it. 
  • Groups are best for knowledge and notes.

Take Any Good Book

Another method for preparing for PMA long course is that you have to take a book of Dodgers or ant another for preparation. But it is also available in WhatsApp and Facebook groups. But using a book you can prepare your initial test with verbal and nonverbal questions. 

These questions you have to answer and after that an academic test you have to prepare. When you pass these two tests then your initial test is considered as clear. Right, in checking verbal and non-verbal there is a little bit of mathematics in which your mind level has to check. That how are you intelligent and how you can solve any problem instantly.

  • In that test of blood relationship, classification and about 7 to 8 test happen of different category. For that, a rough copy is required. 
  • You have to solve one question in 40 to 45 seconds. If you are reading it from Facebook or WhatsApp directly in PDF format then you cannot solve it there. 
  • Then the best method is that you have to purchase a book from any store so that you cannot be distracted by mobile or laptop applications. 

The main purpose of that book or any is that you have to prepare your mind for any problems that how much time I take to solve question. For Example, if you solve any question in 25 seconds then after trying again and again you will be able to solve it in less than 20 seconds.

Academic Test and how to prepare?

After preparing it an academic test remains behind. In this, you have to prepare more than 10000 questions of general knowledge, questions related to Islamiyat, science, Pak study, and Pakistan-related knowledge.  

  • Pakistan Army prepares MCQ’s more than 60 for PMA long course test. Means 10000 MCQ’s they prepare in which they give 60 to 80 MCQs to every Person.
  • Then these 10000 MCQs are very difficult to prepare. When you apply on the last dates than those people who have passed their test tell them that questions. 
  • Mostly repeat questions come in the test. Or we can also ask them as most important MCQ questions.

The best way is to collect all these questions from groups and paste them separately and prepare them. And when you go for clearing initial test then your academic test will be clear in no time. Mean there will be no need to prepare or read any extra book.

PMA initial Test tips

  • Before going to the PMA test you should know a little bit about computers and how to use them but not high quality. 
  • Remember your id and because you have to login into that computer. 
  • The first test will be a verbal intelligence test; solve 84 MCQs in 30 minutes. 
  • Try to solve 3 MCQs in one minute. 
  • Do not waste your time on high qualify tricky questions, first solve easy questions. Remaining MCQs you can solve later. 
  • After this non-verbal test will be held in 30 minutes with 60 MCQs. 
  • Only the initial 5 seconds will tell you whether you can solve it or not otherwise go forward. 
  • In the Academic test 50 MCQs in 30 minutes you have to solve in a similar method. 
  • Your dressing, confidence, and little preparation.

Physical Test

After this, a physical test happens in which the method of running is that first of all a running happen then pushup then chin up. 

  • When you run then you have to keep your speed constant. 
  • Do not try to be over-smart. You can clear this test easily. 
  • You have to run at the same and constant speed all long way slowly. Because there is no number that you come in last or first.Does not matter.
  • In a Medical test, you have to behave well as well.

If you run fastly then all of your energy will lose in just 300 meters. When any person stops or takes a break then he remained back in any race. You have not to stop and run continually. When there is a test of the chin-up or push up you have to do this with your companion. You have to do this smoothly and slowly and it will be clear easily.

Initial Interview

After that, an initial interview is taken. 

  • Sometimes people fail in the initial interview, you should not wear three-piece nor have you to prepare anything. 
  • Only wear simple and formal dressing. If you go in Shalvar-games then it should be white and clean in one color. 
  • Do not wear color cloth or a mix of color like girls. 
  • Just the color of your clothes should be of the same color not mixed. 
  • If there is summer season then you can wear a sandal or Khari shoes. But it should not be fancy shoes. Just simple and formal which you use in any office interview. 
  • Now after dressing and shoes, your hair should be looking good not facing cutting. We can ask simply that everything should be zero meters. 

Now when you speak then your way of talking should be clear and simple. You should answer is yes or no and if detailing is required then give it. You can speak in Urdu or in English but try to talk in English. Because using English your confidence builds.

  • Everywhere English is required so you have to try it first. If you think that you cannot speak English well then speak in Urdu to avoid insult. 
  • Sometimes they ask you to speak in English or Urdu. 
  • You should always give a positive answer with a positive attitude if there is any negative point behind it. Try to save yourself from them.


Best of Luck. If you need any notes or any more information then you can ask me in the comments below or contact me. Thank you

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