Zong retailer balance reversal code 2024 [New Method]

Today is a fascinating article where I will show you the Zong load reversal code or Zong load return code. This trick is useful to reverse the process of sending Zong balance to another person.

Sometimes, when you top up your Zong balance with JazzCash or from the retailer, and sometimes you mistakenly send it to the wrong person and want to return it. Do not take tension. I have solved this problem in this article in full detail.

how to reverse zong load 

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Zong load reversal code trick 2024

Mostly it happens your balance send to other people mistakenly and they want to return it, then you have to follow these steps;
  • First of all, open your message app and create a new message 
  • Enter the Done code of balance purchased (Which is shown in the message that you have purchased the balance from this retailer and there is a code of retailer written there) in your message.
Zong retailer balance reversal code
  • After entering the zong reverse load code, add a comma, and write your 6-digit retailer pin there (Note: Only retailer has this pin code) like in the below image. 
Zong load reversal code

Like this

Type in mobile SMS option 453234234564,000000 and send to 3567
  • After following the above process, send it to 3567.
  • In 1 or 2 minutes, you will receive a message that your zong load will return to your account or something else.
how to return zong load through code

There you have seen that your Zong balance has been successfully reverted. Keep in mind that normal users cannot do this; only retailers can use this method. 

For a retailer, he just received the same message on his mobile containing all balance information sent to any number like the Done code. 


But if you want a Zong retailer load reversal code, you have to visit the Zong office and register yourself as a retailer of Zong.

How to return zong load using call?

If the above method does not solve your problem, then you can use the below form using a call to return the zong load. 
  • Go to mobile phone dial and Dial 170 (This is the helpline number for Zong load return or zong load reversal code)
  • They will ask you about your transaction number and other necessary details to confirm whether you are the actual person.
  • Then ask your problem, and they will solve your problem instantly.

Zong retailer balance reversal hidden charges

For all methods of Zong load reversal using codes or by call, there are no hidden charges for customers or retailers. This method is officially provided by the Zong company. So you can try them freely without ignoring your balance to an unknown number. 

It is officially asked by company members. We don't take any tax or charges on these zong balance reversal codes.

Final Words

This article shows you the Zong retailer load reversal code process and some tips and guides to return the Zong return code. 

This mostly happens when you write the number of the person you write the wrong number or the customer gives you the wrong number then the only way to return it is with the Zong retailer balance reversal code.


By following the above steps hope your balance will be returned to your balance account 😃 successfully. Thanks for reading, and comment below if you have any questions or advice.

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