Why Is My Lorex Camera Offline? [Method to Fix]

Have you tried all possible ways to fix the Lorex camera offline but couldn't succeed? Don't worry, I have a solution for you. This post will provide you with all possible ways to fix your Camera. I have also included several tricks that will help to solve that issue. You will feel like you set your cameras after reading it.

In some cases, the cameras battery is dead because it runs for some time, and then the battery needs to be replaced or recharged; maybe if this is the issue, check it out. {alertInfo}

There can be many reasons why lorex cameras keep going offline, so I have explained it in detail and given tips on some of the issues, which I will provide you with later.

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Why Is My Lorex Camera Offline?

why are my lorex cameras offline
camera offline problem

As I mentioned earlier, there can be many reasons for this; the most common cause is this. In the case of NVR showing offline, visit this page.

Some common reasons for the offline camera issue

  • Disruption of the power supply
  • Loss of network connection
  • An outdated app or firmware version
  • A poor signal between the outdoor Camera and the Lorex Home Center station
  • The Camera is in a poor network spot or out of your Wi-Fi network's range

If your area experienced a power outage disconnecting your smart devices, perform a power cycle on your Camera and the network router. Give the RRouter a moment to initialize and connect to your smart device. The next step is to power off your home Router, let it sit for 1-2 minutes, and then power back on and see if your Lorex cameras offline reconnect.

If the above short guide does not help, see below;

1-Low Camera Battery

The main advantage of this Camera is that its battery can last for a very long time, usually lasting up to 8 months without charging. Sometimes, the battery runs out or dies, which affects its functionality. So, if this offline is happening, then check your battery first.

2-The Camera could be out of range

Another reason could be that your Camera is outside the range of your home or commercial wireless network. The bandwidth of most routers is 2.4GHZ, with a range of 48 meters or 150 feet. So, if you have installed your Camera out of range, then the wireless network signal may not work properly and may disconnect at some point.

3-Selection of the Wrong bandwidth

Wrong bandwidth could be a problem. Wireless networks work on 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies. However, your Camera may be set to the 5GHz frequency. Check it and change it to 2.4GHz. This would change the offline state of the Lorex camera.

4-Wireless Network Issue

Your Router might be faulty if it is offline or in standby mode. Please check it.

5-Bug in Camera

Sometimes, a bug gets into the Camera. You should check it after a month, two months, or three. So, there is an issue with the cameras setup. You should also check this.

6-Outdated Camera Software/Firmware

The Camera has an installed program called Firmware. However, the Firmware needs to be updated more frequently. Therefore, you must go to the cameras setup and check for updates. If available, edit it to fix your Lorex camera offline problem.

7-Temperature Variation

Too much temperature can also affect your Camera. If the temperature exceeds a certain limit, the Camera will stop working. Similarly, with too low a temperature, the Camera will not work because it is designed for a specific atmospheric condition. If you have any such problems, you should check it; maybe your problem will be solved.

How to troubleshoot offline status in Lorex camera

Sometimes, your smartphone Lorax app shows the cameras keep going offline while the Camera offers a solid green light. You need to update your Lorex app or troubleshoot the smartphone app settings.

Facing the above situation may help the guide below.

  • Please confirm if the camcorder device is connected to the power supply or not.
  • In the presence of an active internet connection, restart/reboot your modem or Router.
  • Try to connect your smartphone Lorex app with the device again and again (guidelines given below)
  • Use different camera input
  • Reinstall the Home application

Some easy ways to fix my Lorex camera offline

(1) Check the Camera battery power

The first thing you need to check is your camera battery. A camera battery is rechargeable and needs to be charged every two to three months. The battery level indicator is on the camcorder.

Follow the below steps;

  • Open back cover for power supply input
  • Connect the charger adapter with the electricity
  • Attach the adapter pin to the power port of the camcorder.

(2) Restart the device

The easiest way to fix the Lorax camera offline problem is to restart your device. Restarting solves many issues and crashes inside the camcorder's Firmware or software. This is also a similar case with smartphones.

You have to press and hold the power button to do this. After two or three seconds, your device will restart, fixing your offline problem.

(3) Change the location of your Camera.

One of the disadvantages of a 2.4GHz network is that it has a very short range, so we don't put our Camera in a place where our network signal can't reach well. The doorbell camera should be placed in a location where the 2.4GHz network signal is good.

(4) Change the mode of bandwidth

Another tip I would like to give you is to check the bandwidth selection of your Router and Camera. While your cameras bandwidth is adjusted to 5GHz and the network device/router bandwidth is 2.4GHz, both cannot connect due to a mismatch configuration. You should check the Camera and wireless network and check whether the devices are on the same network.

(5) Update software or version of camera app or device

As I told you earlier, the reason for the Camera being offline is that the software is not updated; for this, you need to update the Lorex camera app or device using the method I have given below.

How to update Lorex cameras offline Firmware

  • To update the Lorix camera app, you first need to open the LowX Home app inside the smartphone.
  • Click on the three dots
  • Tap on the device settings, select Firmware, and then select Update
  • You can see the firmware version; if it is an option, update it, and the download will start, and the latest version will be installed in your Camera's Firmware.

(6) Reset the Camera and reconnect with Lorex Home Center

This is the last technique that might help others who are not performing well. It applies to cameras within the range of wireless networks.

First of all, a camera needs to be removed from the lorex home app. To do this, follow the below steps;

  • Tap the devices icon on the left side of the app.
  • Click on the desired camera icon.
  • Scroll on that screen page and find remove device option
  • Now confirm it, and lorex cameras offline will be removed

The device is successfully reset; the next step is to reset clean reset in order to remove previous configuration files. Click on the reset button for 5 seconds.

Fresh set up Camera after resetting both the app and Camera

Add Camera to lorex home app

  • From smartphone login to your Lorex Home app
  • You will see an icon or option like "+" to add a gadget
  • Scan the QR code or enter the device ID.
  • Tap next > your Camera will flash a green light.
  • Tap "Join" from the app to join your network
  • You must enter a password and remember it for later use.
  • Enter your Wi-Fi password > click on next once the LED indicator shows a green light.
  • The final step is to name your device and click on complete.

Reconnect your camera device to Lorex Home Centre

From here, we will reconnect the Camera to the Lorex home centre after joining the app. Ensuring that your camera and lorex home center are connected with the same network

  • Go to LSHSC and click on the device icon.
  • Click on the "I already have devices set up through the Lorex Home App" option.
  • Now, Lorex Home Center will search for any device on your network.
  • Select the device you want to set up on the app, click on it, and enter the password you created earlier during the camera setup. Then click on the Next button to proceed.
  • Name it more unique than others > Tap save on the right top button.
  • Here, you need to define a category of installed devices like indoor or outdoor > Press next.
  • The last step is to press on to finish the process.

Your device has been successfully added to Lorex Home Center. Click on your added device and tap to view and customize it.

(7) Lorex Customer Support Service

If none of the above methods works, then the last method is to contact a customer service centre. You can contact them at this number: 1-888-425-6739, and they will resolve the issue. For more info, see the YouTube video below.

If you want to find a solution for the Lorex wired Camera offline rather than read a lot of words, watch the video below.

You can see these videos that may help regarding the offline problem of the Camera.


To sum up, all the possible solutions and tips I have provided here. Along with it, a customer service number is also provided here. Otherwise, call them, and they will resolve your issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

My Lorex is showing offline, but I didn't do anything about it.

  • Reconnect your Camera to the Lorex Home app.
  • First, attempt to reconnect the Camera to your network without resetting it.
  • Open the Lorex Home app, tap settings, select a wireless network, and follow the in-app prompts to reconnect your Camera.
  • Alternatively, you can put the Camera in pairing mode by pressing the reset button once. After the camera resets, you can use the Lorex Home app to set it up again.

How to troubleshoot an offline camera

  • Put the antennas upright to increase the range of the Lorex Smart Home Security Center (LSHSC).
  • Disconnect the Camera from the power supply for 30 to 1 minute, then reconnect it.
  • If this still needs to solve your problem, make sure you don't put any abstraction between the Camera and the network device. This reduces the signal strength, and Bricks, concrete, and wood tend to degrade signal strength.
  • You can buy Lorex Home Extender. One of the advantages of this is that it increases the signal strength.

Can't get Lorex online; it keeps reading offline even after…

  • Verify the Camera is connected to the power adapter and that the power adapter is connected to a functional outlet.
  • Cover the camera lens. Watch for the red LEDs to come on, and listen for an audible click sound. This indicates the infrared (IR) LEDs are turning on and the Camera is receiving enough power. If the Camera is not receiving enough power to engage the infrared LEDs, connect it to a different power outlet.
  • Connect the Camera to a different port on the back of the DVR / NVR. If a port is available that currently displays a video feed from another camera, try connecting to that port first. If the Camera's image shows when using a new port, push the initial port again; reconnecting may trigger the camera video feed display.
  • Try a different BNC or Ethernet cable. Cables can become faulty if bent, twisted, or broken.
  • If using an NVR, connect the Camera to a different port on the back of the NVR or Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch.
  • If using a PoE switch, verify the functionality of the switch by plugging the Camera directly into the NVR.
  • Ensure that the BNC or Ethernet cable length does not exceed the guideline set in your product specifications sheet. Image quality will degrade after the maximum recommended cable length. Click here for downloads and documentation for your product.

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