Important Question/MCQ'S for Pak Army, Pak Navy, PAF initial test preparation | pak army initial test mcqs

Here I will provide you some most important questions for the preparation of the Pak Army, Pak Navy, PAF initial test of Pakistan. These questions are very helpful for Pak Army, Pak Navy, PAF initial test preparation, and for selection on the first attempt. 


These questions are taken from all students and people who have given their test in Pak Army, Pak Navy, PAF, and selected. Hope this article will help you.

MCQ'S for Pak Army, Pak Navy, PAF initial test preparation

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Pak Army, Pak Navy, PAF initial  General Knowledge Questions

  • Nfc award kis liay dia jata hai or kis ko dia jata hai.
  • Hazrat ibrahim A.s kai sons.
  • Non party election in which era.
  • First nuclear test in which district of pakistan.
  • Prescribe closest word
  • Pm is elected by national assembly
  • Pakistan won hockey world cup in which year
  • Gawadar port kis sai khareeda
  • Steel mill banane ka idsa kis mulk nai dia
  • Pakistan won t20 world cup in 2009
  • Blue colur of sky is due to?
  • Months which have 31 days
  • Boris johnson kis mulk ka pm ha?
  • Kharan desert is in which province?
  • Hazrat hajra R.A kis ki maa thi?
  • UN security council have 15 members.
  • Triponli is capital of which country.
  • Agricultural shot in which game we use?
  • Khyber pass kis road ko kis road sai connect karta hai.
  • Who sent to praoha firaoun ans tha hazrat Musa AS
  • Muslims of inda khilafat movement kai doran konsay mulk hijrat kargai thay
  • The biggest lake in the world?
  • Faith discipline unity who said these words?
  • Nehru report
  • Hazrat Muhammad SAW ki daughters.
  • Cambell pur kis city ka purana naam tha.
  • Madni surahs.
  • Who declared the  name of pakistan as repulic of pakistan.
  • Last wahi jab ay tab Prophet PBUH ki umer kia thi
  • Ghazwa badr kis kai against lari gayi thi
  • South africa is famous for diamonds.
  • Which is the biggest bay of world?
  • Why we send children to school?
  • Which province is called babulsalam?
  • Bat cannot see sanke can not hear
  • ghazwa badr kon sai qoum kai logo kai khilaf lari gay
  • Abu sufyan accept islam after conquest of makkah.
  • Yar ek sawal ye bhi tha kai metal kis compound ka mixture hai.
  • 2ab(7-i)=2ab

Gilgit Baltistan Centre Question/MCQ'S for Pak Army, Pak Navy, PAF initial test preparation | Pak army initial test MCQs

Gilgit Baltistan Centre questions

  • What is the largest river in North  America? ➡️ (Mississippi)
  • 90%of90 ➡️ (81)
  • When Pakistan win t20 cup ➡️ (2016)
  • First man land on the moon ➡️ ( Neil Armstrong)
  • Lakhnaw pack ➡️ (1916)
  • Zakat is which pillar of Islam ➡️ (4)
  • Roza is which pillar of Islam ➡️ 5
  • Hazrat Maryam is the mother of ➡️ ( isa prophet)
  • Land of prophets ➡️ (Palestine)
  • Quaid fourteen points a year ➡️ (1929)
  • The first five ayats came in which place ➡️ (cave hira)
  • Hazrat asma relasion to hazrat zubair ➡️ (mother)
  • If men buy book of30 and sell at 40 find profit ➡️ (33.33%)
  • If 1500 are total and 1200 are present then the percentage of present ➡️ 80%
  • If 4 days of the month is Sunday then 14 days will be ➡️ Thursday
  • If 30 are men and2/3 are women then the strength of women is ➡️ 20
  • If x,1;y'-1 then x,y are ➡️ (-1,1)
  • 2+2/2is equal to ➡️ 3
  • Largest ocean in the world ➡️ ( pacific)
  • HCF of 16 and24 ➡️ 8

Pak Army, Pak Navy, PAF 149 Experience Academics Questions

  • Attire synonym
  • Dormant synonym
  • Which Pakistani got noble prize in 1979? (Dr. Abdul Salam).
  • Hazrat Hamza was martyred in which battle? (Uhud)
  • Who was the founder of the DAWN newspaper? (Quaid e Azam)
  • Who says the Life of the prophet is practical of Quran? Hazrat Ayesha.
  • OPEC full
  • Canada And USA border(8891Km )(5525)
  • Zabur was revealed on? (Hazrat Dawood A.S)
  • While talking Which tense ( Present continuous)
  • the sun rises from east( the)

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