Take care of these things before going to the ISSB test of Pakistan

Some students when they go to test for army or navy or Pakistan air forces then their 1st test is written test. Some due to lack of confidence cannot give good interviews for admission. So here I will tell you some tips for an interview which helps you a lot in your selection.

Take care of these things before going to ISSB test of Pakistan
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Take care of these things before going to the ISSB test of Pakistan

These are some important tips you should follow during ISSB Test,

  • Sleep
  • Appearance
  • Present Yourself
  • Questions you have to prepare
  • If you do not know question ❓


Before going to an interview, it is necessary that you have been sleeping for 7 to 8 hours last night so your mind remains fresh and active. You should take full rest to release all of your tension and be relaxed.


Your appearance should be looking good because we know that the first impression is the last impression. So try to show yourself as a fully confident person for the ISSB test. Your hair should be cut freshly. 

Body language is also necessary for non-verbal tests. It helps you to show others as attitude and independent person.  Similarly, your face does not look bad.

Try to wear pent shirts otherwise clean clothes and wear a tie if you could. The main aspect of appearance is that you should look clean and graceful. Shirts should be looking formal.

Present yourself

The third thing is how you can carry and conduct yourself. When you go to the officer then always take permission while going to the room. You can say simply "Me I coming sir" and people who sit there will allow you.

Next tips do not sit on a chair until they don't ask you for sitting. Then you have to listen to their questions and words carefully and give your full attention. Don't see on table and wall, it does not give a good impression. After this some questions you will be able to answer and some not.

Questions you have to prepare

  • It is understood they ask you, please introduce yourself in next 2 minutes.
  • Explain your ambitions, goals, ideas, what you want to do, what your mother and father name. 
  • You should speak this general information in clarity and do not modify it. It is captured by your impression that you are speaking truth or lie? 
  • Do not confuse.
  • You have also general information related to everything related to your course.

If you do not know the question ❓

Some questions you will not be able to answer but there is a way to answer it also. Simply say "Sorry sir, I don't know". Instead of giving a wrong answer and debating on it simply say don't about it. The wrong answer does not give a good impression in the ISSB test, it will degrade you.

After giving an ISSB test it is good to conclude your interview in good manners 🙂. And you go to the outside interview room. Remember, do not drag the chair while sitting or leaving, it looks a little bit old. When someone talks to you, give your full concentration and body language.


These are some major tips that are necessary to remain active and fresh. Taking care of these things before going to the ISSB test will help you become successful in interviews. Thank you so much❤️

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