Today Zong Free Internet Code 2023 Monthly Gift 1GB 50GB

Zong is the leading company in Pakistan that provides lot of offers and tricks and packages to their customers. Due to this reason, it has lot of happy customers. Their internet packages are cheap and affordable for every customer. There is no lagging in their service and works smoothly.

In this article, I have discussed lot of zong free internet codes, offers, packages, gifts, daily, monthly, 1 GB, 50 GB, and 80 GB internet also.

zong free internet code 2023 gift

Here is the list of all codes which can be subscribed and legal tricks that can be used to access unlimited zong 4G internet in 2023.

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Zong 4G free 1GB internet New Method

This method works only on a few zong prepaid sims. This code works on Zong 4G sims. Just follow the below steps;

  • Just dial *6565# on zong sim
  • A popup will appear with zong bundles
  • In last, you will see "Free 1GB@0.00" of number #5 on the popup
  •  Just put that number and click on send
  • You will receive a confirmation message of getting 1GB of free internet.
  • You can get this offer again and again, just try it on all zong sims and it works these days.
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Zong Free Internet Code 2023

There are a few zong internet code list which works on some users mobile, you can try them on your zong sim; maybe they work on your sim.

Zong Free Internet Code 2023

  • You will get 1.5GB of internet free by dialling *537*2#
  • Dial *754# to get 4GB of data
  • Dial *56*8*23# and you will get data of 500MB for Facebook and WhatsApp free
  • Dial *7863*86# to get zong 1GB of free internet
  • Dial *117*111*2# for zong free 2GB internet
  • On some user's mobile this code *6565*5# also works. You can also try it
  • Another authentic method is by converting your Zong 3G sim to a Zong 4G sim; dial *44# and you will get a bonus of 4GB internet. 

These codes may also works, try them also;

Zong free net pkg code Codes
4GB free trick *537*2# enjoy free 1500MB
Free Mbs code *44# or *147*72*1#
500 Mbs Free *7222# (sometime works)
Free 4GB for 1 day *568# or *11#
Monthly free internet code  *56*8*23# free 5000MBs for 1 Month
Free Mbs code *551#, *910#, get free zong internet
Free Mbs code *6464*5*2# free zong net trick
Free 10GB code (Works on some sim) This code *3377# might give you 10000MBs with Rs.6+tax/-
Free 10GB zong internet
[[ Latest ]]
Dial *3366# and get 10GB free internet (Work on some sim)

Some youtube videos which also offer zong free internet codes are below;

100% Working Zong free Internet Code

Today I am giving you working internet code which works 100% on all zong sim only for Vivo users. 

  • Simply open dail pad and dial *4114# from your vivo mobiles
  • You will receive a message with 12GB of free data without any charges.

Zong New Sim Offer

This offer can be subscribed by zong users who just purchased their sim recently. This package is only valid for 3 days after subscription. This bundle includes 2GB internet, 50 off-net minutes and 1000 zong minutes with 1000 SMS just for 3 days.

To get this offer just dial this zong free internet code *22#. You should have 50 rupees of balance in your zong sim.

Zong New Sim Free Internet Offer

Zong New Sim
Free Internet Offer
  • 2GB of Data
  • 50 Off-Net Minutes
  • 1000 Zong Minutes
  • 1000 SMS
  • Dial *22#
  • Validity 3 Days
Rs. 50

Only users of punjab can avail this offer of some specific cities. {alertwarning}

Zong 2GB Free Internet Code

When any customer purchase new zong sim then he can avail some offers which are free to use for new customers. These new internet offers are valid only for 7 days with 4GB internet, 1000 on-net minutes, 1GB free whatsapp data and 1GB of facebook data.

To get this zong new sim free internet offer dial this code *10# after purchasing new sim and enjoy 7 days of free zong bundle.

Zong 2GB Free Internet Code

Zong 2GB Free
Internet Code

  • 2GB of Data
  • 1GB of Whatsapp
  • 1GB of Facebook

  • 1000 Zong Minutes

  • Dial *10#

  • Validity 7 Days

Rs. 0

Zong Sim Lagao Offer

All those customers who have deactivated their zong sim more than 2 Months can avail this offer without any balance or charges.

To subscribe this offer just put your zong sim in your mobile phone again and dial this code *2244# and you will receive 8000MBs (4GB data + 4GB Whatsapp) for free, 6000 zong minutes and 6000 SMS.

Zong Sim Lagao Offer with free internet

Zong Sim Lagao Offer

  • 4GB of Data

  • 4GB of Whatsapp

  • 6000 Zong Minutes

  • 6000 SMS

  • Dial *2244#

  • Validity 2 Months

Rs. 0

Another advantage of this offer is that you will get 

  • 25 off-net minutes
  • 1000 on-net minutes
  • 1GB of zong free net

for next 2 days for every rechatge of more than Rs. 80 rupees.

Zong Free Internet Gift/Reward

This is most simple and easy method to get free reward of internet bundle by zong compaany for lifetime. This can be accessible only if you have an android mobile and you have installed My zong app

Free Daily Rewards by My Zong App

  • After installing, open "My Zong App"
  • Register your zong sim number with app and verify it with verification code
  • After successful creating account scroll down and see an option of Reward 
  • Just click on it and click on shuffle the button
  • wait for some time for shuffling
  • Now click on any card and you will get free gift by zong company.
Ensure that zong sim is inserted in your android mobile and data connection is turned on before getting reward for free. {alertInfo}

You will get 10MB,20MB, 30MB,40MB and 75MB and may be some more MBs daily based on your luck. You can get these MBs once in a day.

On first registration of My Zong App, you will get free 6GB of data. {alertSuccess}

Zong Free Internet Proxy Setting

This trick works on zong sim using proxy setting including Uc Mini or Uc Handler app. This is necessary to access free facebook. This proxy setting also require VPN. Follow this procedure;

  • Simply download Uc Mini or Uc Handler app and install it
  • Now open this app and go to the "setting" and click on "Real Proxy".
  • Click on "HTTP" and then go for the real proxy server such as “″.
  • Add port 80
  • Now install any VPN such as Yoga VPN and connect it
  • After connecting it you can access free internet on UC Handler app using proxy setting.

All Working Zong Free Internet Codes 2023

There are many codes which are provided by zong company to their users by SMS with special offers. Here I will list all these codes that may work on your android mobile.

  • Dial *117*111*2# to have 2 GB of free Zong data.
  • To get 1 GB of data volume for a week, dial *563*85*23#.Dial *754# to get 4 GBs of free internet on your Zong sims.
  • Dial *537*2# to get 1500 MBs or 1.5GB of data for free.
  • Last but not least, if you are using Zong 3G sim then first you need to convert it into 4G, and then upon dialing the code *44#, you will get 4GB of free Data.
  • Dial *56*8*23# to enjoy 500 MBs of data for WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter for free. 
  • Dial *7863*86# to avail of 1GB of free Zong Internet.
  • You can also try this code *6565*5# to get 1000 MBs free.

Zong Internet Free Code 2023

This code works only on those users zong sim who have Vivo Mobile Phone. Vivo users will get 12GB of internet data free without any charges. This bundle is announced by Vivo company to advertise their company.

  • Dial *4114# on Vivo android phone
  • Wait and open a text message that you get from company.
  • You will get 12GB net package for free.

50GB + 50GB Zong Weekly Mega Data code

This offer can be subscribed by every zong users. This package bundle also available in jazzcash app. Follow below steps;

  • Top up zong balance of 150 repees in jazz cash app
  • Open the app and go to mobile bundles, then select zong bundles
  • Search package name "Weekly Mega Data" and it will show 100GB package
  • Open it click on subscribe button. You will get 100GB (50GB + 50GB) free internet from 1AM to 9AM for 7 days.
  • You can also dial *808# from dial pad but it may charges more than required.

Zong free internet code for Youtube Bundle

 This offer can be subscribed only one time on all sims. This code will give you free youtube MBs only one time. For second time you will have to pay for it.

  • Just dial *11# in mobile phone and then click on 1 option
  • Wait and check Zong sms.
  • If you are eligible you will get youtube bundle for free
Make sure that you dial all these zong codes only when you have no balance in SIM so your balance wont be used. {alertWarning}

You can also take help from below youtube videos. These youtube videos also provide zong codes which may works on your mobile.

New Zong methods will be share soon.

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