All Zong Free Whatsapp Code 2023 [Tips & Tricks]

Nothing is more vital than staying connected with friends and relatives nowadays. For this, messaging app helps us a lot to communicate with others. Zong is a standout mobile internet provider in Pakistan. Offering many zong free WhatsApp codes in 2023.

This offer encourages many customers to use Zong Sim as their first choice zong, then Jazz Sim. Zong customers receive monthly WhatsApp offers without balance. This marketing helps users stay connected with friends without worrying about data costs. It is affordable for everyone.

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In this article, I will share all the Zong free WhatsApp codes in one place for easy access and subscription.

Zong WhatsApp packages

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Zong 4G - CVM Bundle code with free WhatsApp

Brother, this new code works almost on all Zong sims. This is the new Zong internet code. Only a few people know about it. Follow these steps;

  • First, your Zong sim should have a balance of 10 rupees before dialing this.
  • Now dial the code given below table and wait for a second
  • A dialog box will appear with the option of subscribe and unsubscribe option
  • Give input option "1" to subscribe to it
  • A message will come whether you are eligible or not
  • But if you qualify, then enjoy 10GB every week for 10 rupees,
Zong 4G - CVM bundle
Offer Include Free Incentives
Data 10GB internet 
On-Net Minutes May get some minutes
Off-Net Minutes 0
Price Rs. 10/-
Validity Weekly
Dial code *3366#

Some people will not be eligible for it. Advice for them is to check on other Zong sims. They can wait and then check this code again and again; they become eligible.

Zong Free WhatsApp code Without Balance 2023

You should recently register as a Zong customer to receive free WhatsApp MBs. You should recently register as a Zong customer to receive free WhatsApp MBs. If this happens, you will get 2000 Mbs (2GB) of internet, 1000 minutes, and 50 network minutes. This will stay on your balance.

This is a gift for all new Zong customers only. You can use received MBS to surf the internet, including WhatsApp.

Free Zong Whatsapp Code
Offer Include Free Incentives
Data 2GB (Including WhatsApp)
SMS 1000 SMS
On-Net Minutes 1000 minutes
Off-Net Minutes 50 minutes
Price Rs. 0/- (For New customers only)
Validity 3 Days
Dial code *22#

To check Mbs, dial *102# in the dialpad for 0.10 only. All internet packages MBs know this code as a check code.

Zong 5GB WhatsApp offer 2023

The company released a new WhatsApp code. It offers 6GB of data for WhatsApp. This lets you do messaging, video calls, and location sharing.

Monthly Free Whatsapp
Offer Include Free Incentives
Data 5GB (Only WhatsApp)
On-Net Minutes 0 minutes
Off-Net Minutes 0 minutes
Price Rs. 99/- (Including Taxes)
Validity 30 Days (Whole Month)
Dial code *247#

To unsubscribe from the above monthly WhatsApp, Send SMS >> 'Unsub' to 6464

  • To check the remaining Mbs, dial zong WhatsApp code *102# to see all available MBs for a month. 
  • Offer is auto-recursive
  • All Prepaid and postpaid can avail of this offer


Zong free WhatsApp package code + Monthly SMS

This package gives you monthly WhatsApp and SMS but less internet MBs for WhatsApp. This Zong package is popular. People like it because they can send regular and WhatsApp messages.

Monthly SMS + WhatsApp package code
Offer Include Free Incentives
Data 30MB/day (Only WhatsApp)
SMS 500 SMS/day
Price Rs. 75/- (Including Taxes)
Validity 30 Days (Whole Month)
Dial code *705#

Another method to subscribe to this bundle is to SMS 'sub' to 700.

  • To unsubscribe, just SMS 'unsub' to 700
  • To check the remaining MBs, dial *102# as discussed in other packages above.


Zong Weekly Whatsapp Package 2023

This bundle provides 200 MB for WhatsApp and 1300 SMS for one week. It is a very cheap package and can only be subscribed for 32 rupees.

Weekly SMS + WhatsApp mb code
Offer Include Free Incentives
Data 200MB (Only WhatsApp)
SMS 1300 SMS
Price Rs. 32/- (Including Taxes)
Validity 7 Days (Whole Week)
Dial code *702#

This price may vary with the location of the subscriber.

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Free Zong Whatsapp Plus Offer code 2023

The company recently provided another fantastic Whatsapp Plus offer, including 5000 Mbs plus IMO  Data. It also offers 30 off-net minutes, 200 Zong minutes, and 200 SMS for a month.

Zong Free Whatsapp Code
Offer Include Free Incentives
Data 5GB (WhatsApp + IMO)
On-Net Minutes 200 minutes
Off-Net Minutes 30 minutes
Price Rs. 200/- (For Prepaid customers only)
Validity 30 Days
Dial code *4000#

Dial *102# or open the Zong Android App to check the remaining MBs. This package has everything for WhatsApp: voice calls, video sharing, pictures, and texts.

Best Whatsapp code + free Facebook, Youtube, IMO

This fantastic code provides all social media access in just a single package. You will get 20GB of internet, including Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube and IMO. Not only this, you will also get 500 zong minuets, 100 off-net minuets, and 500 SMS.

Monthly Social Plus offer
Offer Include Free Incentives
Data 20GB (WhatsApp + IMO + Youtube + Facebook)
On-Net Minutes 500 zong minutes
Off-Net Minutes 100 minutes
Price Rs. 350/- (Recharge Required)
Validity 30 Days
Dial code *6001#

  • You will also avail of conference calls and Yaari Call
  • No call setup charges will be applied
  • Customers can use off-Net resources while calling UAN and PTCL
  • Multiplication Subscriptions also allowed


Zong free 5GB Whatsapp, Facebook and IMO code

This weekly offer provides 200 SMS, 500 Zong minutes, 20 off-net minutes, and 5GB of social data for WhatsApp, Facebook, and IMO.

Weekly Social offer
Offer Include Free Incentives
Data 5GB (WhatsApp + IMO + Facebook)
On-Net Minutes 500 zong minutes
Off-Net Minutes 20 minutes
Price Rs. 120/- (Recharge Required)
Validity 7 Days
Dial code *6688#

This is the best Zong-free WhatsApp code in 2023, including Facebook and IMO, with no setup charges on any call.

Daily Zong free WhatsApp mb code

This day offer provides you 1500 MBs of WhatsApp + Facebook + IMO and Youtube. No other services will be provided.

Zong Daily Social Offer
Offer Include Free Incentives
Data 1500Mbs (Whatsapp + Facebook + IMO + Youtube)
Price Rs. 23/-
Validity 1 Day
Dial code *386#

Free Zong WhatsApp package code

This mini-social monthly code provides only 6GB, including Facebook + WhatsApp. You can subscribe to it for just 150 rupees.

Zong Whatsapp and Facebook Social Mini Offer
Offer Include Free Incentives
Data 6GB (Whatsapp + Facebook)
Price Rs. 150/-
Validity 30 Day
Dial code *250#

  • You can also subscribe by SMS: just sub mfb to 6464 to subscribe
  • Remaining MBs can be checked by *102# or My Zong App
  • Eligibility Criteria -> Prepaid GSM customers only
  • The data resources can be utilized only on content types on Facebook and WhatsApp, including Facebook Messenger.
  • Auto-Recursive, with 7 day suspension period
  • Your SIM is your identity; only use SIMs issued through Biometric Verification – PTA


Whatsapp + Shandaar Daily Offer

This Zong package provides MBs for daily use suitable for less daily WhatsApp users. It includes only 50 Mb on a daily basis, including unlimited Zong minutes and 800 SMS.

Zong Daily shandaar Offer
Offer Include Free Incentives
Data 50Mbs (Whatsapp + internet)
SMS 800
Price Rs. 17 + tax/- 
Validity 1 Day
Dial code *999#

Daily Whatsapp offer

This offer is very cheap and suitable for those who use WhatsApp less all day but mostly use simple SMS service. Here, Zong also provides a code for this type of user. You can subscribe to it for 10 rupees only.

Daily SMS + Whatsapp Offer
Offer Include Free Incentives
Data 30MB (Whatsapp)
500SMS (Simple text message)
1MB (Internet)
Price Rs. 10/-
Validity 1 Day
Dial code Visit here to subscribe.

Remember that this offer renews automatically, so be careful and unsubscribe after using it because it will be subscribed automatically if there is some balance in the Zong sim.

If you have some problem subscribing to Zong's WhatsApp code. Get help from these YouTube videos that might help you a lot.

The video below would help regarding how To Use Free WhatsApp on Zong 2023.

Another video has all Zong Monthly WhatsApp Package Codes, popular in 2023. You should try them also.


All packages that provide WhatsApp mb just dialling Zong free WhatsApp code of 2023 are available in this article.

New Packages and Tricks will be added in Soon!   

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